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Alex Puz

And It Follows
October 23 – November 27

Jennifer Terzian Gallery is pleased to announce And It Follows, a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Alex Puz. This is the artist’s first presentation with the gallery.

Puz’s purely abstracted color compositions represent a wildly logical approach to exploring perception. Connecting to the highly analytical viewer by posing meditative questions about depth perception and gesture, the paintings offer a glimpse at hyper density that lead through to a considered self- awareness. 

By playing with the push and pull of opposing colors, the paintings encourage the viewer to think with their eyes. Curving lines suggest an emotional reality, balancing the rigor of Puz’s process based approach. Contours mimic the ebbs and flows of feelings experienced throughout any given day. These lines wobble, dip, and crest- they go for a walk- and the eye follows.

This work is informed by Puz’s ongoing research into how color interacts with the eye. The hallucinatory flickering in these compositions is an effect prefigured by Analytic Cubism and Op Art of the 1960’s. Following the logic of these movements, the paintings propose that to glimpse an object from more than one perspective is to generate new ways of experiencing time, body, and mind. 

Alex Puz was born in 1989 in Long Beach, CA. He received a BFA from Hunter College, and is expected to receive an MFA from Yale University in the Spring of 2022.  His work has been included in multiple exhibitions, including Elán Vital at MOCA Westport, CT, curated by Max Teicher and Emily White, No Masters curated by A.L. Steiner at Green Hall Gallery, New Haven, CT, Spirit Rift at Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY curated by Grace Lerner. In 2018 he participated in the group show When Black Swallows Red at La MaMa, New York, NY. Puz has been featured in the Yale Daily News, New Haven Arts Council and Hyperallergic, among others.

Pillow Talk
40″ x 46″
Flashe Vinyl Acrylic on Canvas